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Hotel Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is an important service for any closed environment, such as an office building or shopping center. But, it's even more important for places like hotels, where people are not just passing by, they're spending quite a lot of time inside.

First, Introduction to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a short name for a BIG subject, basically describing the air inside a closed environment and how well and fresh it is. In places that aren't cleaned properly, or suffer from contamination factors (more will follow), indoor air quality is poor which means it may get people sick. Moreover, most people will feel the difference when entering a bad indoor air quality place.

Indoor air quality is affected by several factors. First and foremost - where is the air coming from, and what is its quality and cleanliness. In most office building and hotels, most if not all of the air comes through gigantic HVAC systems. Great, these have filters, right? Well, yes. And no. if the HVAC system is not maintained properly, the air from the commercial HVAC system will be polluted, at some level.

Other factors besides the HVAC systems' condition are smoking (if not prohibited inside), pets (less of a problem in most cases), dusty carpets and rugs which were not cleaned for a long time (they're vacuumed every day, but it's just not enough in the long run), and of course renovation or remodeling which pollute the air inside any building.

Respect Your Guests, Give Them a Clean Environment to Sleep

A clean hotel will naturally attract more guests, especially in a world where every customer has the option of posting a review online with a click of an app. This power given to clients makes proper maintenance of the hotel even more important. A guest who comes into a properly cleaned room will value the hotel a lot more. Even if you have all the luxury and amenities a guest would want, what good are they if they're dirty?

Get Your Hotel Cleaned, Top to Bottom

Dustless Duct offers a variety of services for commercial clients, specializing in hotels and office spaces. We'll start with the top side handling your HVAC and air ducts throughout the hotel, making sure all pollutants are removed properly from all the rooms and public spaces.

Afterwards, we recommend having your upholstery and mattresses cleaned. Even though you have your dedicated staff cleaning your hotel on a day to day basis, it is important to have the deeper cleaning using a hot water extraction commercial grade machine. The deeper cleaning will remove stains, human remains, and other substances which may have stuck to the mattress and upholstery.

Last, you should also consider cleaning the carpets in your hotel. Carpets which are walked over a lot tend to not only look dull and lose their fresh looks, they also accumulate large quantities of dust, dirt, and allergens. Having them professionally cleaned will make sure they're healthier to your customers, as well as look better, immediately and in the long run. If we talk in management terms, professional carpet cleaning will save your carpet and save you money because you won't need to replace it so soon.

duct cleaning offer
indoor air pollution
commercial ductwork
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