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Clean Your Air Ducts For Better Air Quality

Have you ever seen a picture of a dirty air duct? Contaminants that came from the air that you and your family breathe every day coat the air duct walls with a gray, dusty mass of pollen, dander, animal hair and mold spores. Some of it even gets past the filters on the furnace and air conditioning unit, contaminating critical components like the blower fan assembly and the evaporator coils, leading to reduced functioning and even mold growth.

Baltimore residents and business owners, reap the benefits of air duct and HVAC system cleaning. Air duct cleaning by Dustless Duct of Baltimore, MD, will rid your air duct and HVAC system of this pollution and return your heating and cooling units to optimal efficiency.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Air Duct Cleaner

Having a professional clean your air ducts is the best way to guarantee there are no cost-incurring mistakes. Improper air duct cleaning, without the critical dust containment equipment, can actually send those allergens back into your home or business, degrading the indoor air quality and posing a real risk to asthmatics and allergy sufferers alike.

Dustless Duct will provide you with an accurate summary of the status of your system after our air duct video inspection. We want our customers to know what's there and to understand what we will do to make their workplaces and homes cleaner, safer and more energy efficient. Our equipment uses negative air pressure to safely trap all the waste removed from the main trunk lines, air intakes, and registers.

Air Duct Cleaning for Business in Baltimore

Is your business located in Baltimore, MD? Do you manage commercial property in the Baltimore area? Commercial buildings can have a high level of indoor air pollution due to energy efficient construction that restricts air flow. Sometimes the windows don't even open to provide ventilation! Our experienced air duct cleaners in Baltimore can improve indoor air quality with air duct cleaning for commercial properties ranging from small office buildings to churches, schools, hospitals, malls and hotels. We'll work with you with convenient scheduling to minimize your downtime.

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Prevent mold growth in your air ducts

That telltale musty smell from the supply vent tells the whole story - mold is growing in the air ducts, and you need mold removal services ASAP. But what if you could prevent it from growing in the first place?

Duct Cleaning Technicians to the Rescue

With regular air duct cleaning services in Baltimore, you have the added benefit of having an experienced set of eyes looking at your air circulation system and seeing problems that may be previously undetected.

Our duct cleaning service includes cleaning the evaporator coil. The coil can allow water into the ducts:

  • When it is dirty;
  • When the pan fails;
  • When the condensation line is clogged with dust and dirt.

In addition, air leaks in the return duct can allow in condensation, causing mold to grow.

Does Air Duct Cleaning remove mold?

Air duct cleaning will remove visible mold inside air ducts, but that won't stop mold from growing back. In order to remediate mold in air ducts, you have to make sure the source of water that allowed mold to grow is repaired. In this way, the air duct cleaning will be more effective. In certain cases, we also recommend using special chemicals in the ducts to prevent future mold growth.

Another Way to Prevent Mold

Chemicals are not always safe to use in air ducts, but there is another option to inhibit mold growth for your peace of mind. Since one place that air enters the ducts is near the evaporation coil, air duct cleaning technicians offer UV lights installation. As air passes by the UV lights, mold and bacteria are killed, so they do not enter the air circulation system.

Air duct cleaning services are important, especially if mold is a problem. The Dustless Duct of Baltimore team is well-qualified to handle mold and anything else your ducts throw our way.

Call 410-989-8866 to schedule your video inspection. Dustless Duct of Baltimore also offers a variety of other professional cleaning services for comprehensive allergy management, as well as dryer vent cleaning.

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