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Air Duct Cleaning for the Washington DC Area

One of the main health issues affecting residents of DC and the Virginia and Maryland suburbs is proper management of asthma. And it's not just a local problem. It affects productivity and learning across the United States. In 2008, 10.5 million days of school and 14.2 million work days were lost due to asthma attacks.

Avoiding triggers is a critical part of your family's overall asthma management plan. Well-managed asthma means fewer trips to the emergency room and less frequent use of fast-acting inhalers. Dustless Duct of DC offers air duct cleaning and HVAC system cleaning as an important step to reducing indoor exposure to asthma triggers.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning - Your Clean Air Solution

Asthma can be triggered by a number of indoor and outdoor allergens, like pollen, dander, dust mites, and mold. You can't control what's outside, but you need to control what's in your home. And you don't have the luxury of only addressing known asthma triggers - let's say your asthma is triggered by pollen, but not dust mites. If you are continuously exposed to dust mite waste, you can become sensitized to it and it can become another trigger for you.

Air duct cleaning by Dustless Duct of DC helps directly by removing all of these allergens from within the HVAC system, and indirectly by helping maintain the efficiency of your air conditioning and heating units. In the summer, when pollen counts can be so high outside, running the air conditioner instead of opening the windows will reduce humidity in your home, as well as filtering out the allergens that pass through the air ducts to the cooling unit. We offer an excellent electrostatic filter for continuous home air cleaning.

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When was the last time your air ducts were cleaned?

You don't see inside the air ducts, so it can be easy to forget that the air ducts get dirty too.

There are some signs that your air ducts could use cleaning:

  • There is a musty or stale smell, and you can't find where the smell is coming from.
  • One of your loved ones suffers from allergies or asthma on a regular basis, and you have removed other allergenic sources from your living area.
  • You see dust regularly on the outside of your vents.
  • Air flow is reduced, even when vents are fully opened.

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If it's been a while since your ducts have been cleaned, call our duct cleaning specialists at 240-650-4006 to schedule an appointment.

What to Expect From Dustless Duct of DC Air Duct Cleaning

  • Professional grade equipment;
  • Knowledgeable and experienced duct cleaning specialists;
  • Prompt response;
  • Pre-cleaning inspection;
  • Complete communication between technician and customer;
  • All vents clean and clear of dust and debris;
  • Complete cleaning of supply duct, return duct, and grills;
  • Safe collection of dust, dirt, and other allergenic substances from the air circulation system for disposal outside your home.

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Can Mold Grow in Air Ducts?

Sadly, mold can grow in air ducts, as long as there is a source of moisture. Whether from a leak, water damage, or from humidity, any of these water sources can easily feed mold and allow it to grow. This is because mold spores naturally occur in the air, and the air circulation system is designed to move air around.

Air Duct Mold Prevention

Besides addressing any moisture issues, there is a better solution that can help prevent mold growth at the source. UV lights installed in the system near the evaporator coils in the cooling system can kill mold as it enters the duct with the air flow. This means that even if the ducts get moist, which is very common in humid areas, mold can't grow.

Air Duct Mold Cleaning

The biggest problem that can occur when trying to clean mold from ducts is contamination. Since mold spores can travel far distances on air currents, any time mold growth is disturbed (like by a vacuum cleaner stuck in a vent), mold spores can be sent flying into the air, spreading mold to other areas.

Air duct cleaning experts can handle this problem with mold containment. This simply means that when treating and cleaning up a mold problem, the technician must set up the work area properly, under negative pressure, to keep mold from spreading to other areas during the cleanup. This is an excellent reason to rely on experienced professionals to take care of air duct cleaning and mold remediation, rather than to try to do it yourself.

Make Your Home a Safe Zone

We believe that the best way to neutralize asthma triggers is to address the whole home environment, from air circulation to the furniture and floor coverings where allergens can hide. We offer carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and mattress cleaning services to remove as much dust mite waste, mold spores, pollen and dander from your home as possible.

Dustless Duct of DC serves Silver Spring, MD and the entire DC area. Call 240-650-4006 today for your air duct video inspection and price estimate.

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