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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

What do you think would be found on your furniture if you took a microscope to inspect it? Would it be clean as you think it is, or would you expect to find something on it? Even the cleanest person would be surprised to see what's hidden in the upholstery in their home.

More Than Meets the Eye

Air borne particles travel around your home every day. They come in through the windows or the HVAC system, and spread around the house. Dust and dust mites, pollen, dander, germs, microbes, and mold spores travel around your home freely and land on the furniture, mattress, carpets, rugs and other fabric items. When added to the occasional spills of food and drinks, and natural body oils absorbed in the fabric, a real health issue can be created.

Although you probably vacuum the upholstery in your home every week (or at least we hope you do), your home vacuum can't really break the dirt and soil absorbed in the upholstery and have it extracted. That's why professional upholstery cleaners use hot water extraction to clean carpets and upholstery.

Hot Water Extraction - Get Upholstery Cleaned Properly

To get really deep in to your upholstery and get all the dirt, dust, soil and other particles out you need a powerful cleaning method that can go in to the fibers and break all the soil up, as well as take it out. That is exactly what hot water extraction does. This famous industry standard is the preferred cleaning technique of thousands of cleaners, and ours as well.

Hot water extraction (sometimes referred to as steam cleaning) for furniture means using hot water at high pressure to break the soil and other particles stuck in your upholstery's fibers, and then extracting the water and the soil out, leaving the fibers clean and refreshed. When used with the right detergents and solutions, your upholstery will enjoy many benefits.

Hot water extraction professional upholstery cleaning will leave your upholstery super clean, on the surface and beneath it. In addition, it will scrub the fibers to enliven their looks and feel. Moreover, the cleaning process will also remove odors and stains from your upholstery. One other benefit of professional upholstery cleaning is the looks of the furniture will be kept for longer years, saving you money both on cleaning and replacing the furniture.

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