What Is the Best Season for Air Duct Cleaning?

What Is the Best Season for Air Duct Cleaning?

One of the most popular questions that our customers ask our cleaning experts is when they should clean their air ducts. So, due to high demand, we are going to dedicate today's article to answering this question in a little more detail. Moreover, we will include relevant information around air duct cleaning so that you can make a more informed decision.


When is the Best Time to Clean Air Ducts?

To be perfectly honest, regardless of what you read on the internet, there isn't really a best time for duct cleaning. Some people hire a professional for the job on an annual basis, while others take advantage of the service every couple of years. One thing is for sure, if you haven't cleaned your HVAC system and air ducts in a while, it probably isn't working up to its optimal potential and is significantly less efficient. Our duct cleaning service is most popular either during spring and fall or winter and summer. But let's find out the benefits of each season for air duct cleaning.

Spring & Fall

The benefits of having the service carried out during the spring or fall is that you will be prepared for the summer heat or the winter's harsh weather conditions. Also, our service can be delivered much more quickly and with less discomfort for you during those times as your HVAC system is less busy or switched off.

Why is Spring Considered the Best Time for Air Duct Cleaning?

Even though air duct cleaning can be done any time, the end of the spring is considered the best season for air duct cleaning. Getting these ducts and vents cleaned in the spring season brings major benefits to house owners. First of all, the weather in this season is moderate and the HVAC system in your home is mostly switched off. Thus, you can have them professionally cleaned without affecting your daily routine. You will get to enjoy better air quality in the summertime without any disturbance. Secondly, it will also help you get rid of all the dirt accumulated during the winter. Due to excessive use of heating systems in winters, various bugs and rodents might settle in air ducts. A thorough cleaning will enable one to remove all kinds of insects and unpleasant beings from ducts easily.

Summer & Winter

If you want to do the service during the winter or the summer, that too is a great time as you can enjoy an efficiently working system right away. This means that you will keep your indoors much warmer during the winter and much cooler during the summer heat. Feel free to get in touch with our duct cleaning experts over the phone at 888-758-1835 or alternatively, you can visit our duct cleaning page and explore the service in more detail.


Remarkable Benefits of Clean Air Ducts:

When you order professional duct cleaning service, you receive a clean and healthy indoor living and working environment in your home, office, or commercial premises. Here are some of the benefits of clean air ducts:

  • dust accumulation removal;
  • combat allergies triggers;
  • pet dander / shedding removal;
  • mold growth prevention;
  • HVAC efficiency improvement;
  • unpleasant smells / odors removal.


Our recommendations

If you are not ready yet to order professional air duct cleaning, we would recommend that you do it soon, before you begin to see signs.

Warning Signs of Dirty Ducts

According to the EPA, some of the warning signs that you should look out for are:

  • Indications of mold build-up, either within your house or in your system.
  • You begin to experience vermin or rodent related problems.
  • You can see signs of insects entering your system or ductwork.
  • Once you turn on your heating or AC, you can easily see a visible cloud of dust and particles blowing out of the vent.

Besides these signs that you should look out for, we would also recommend you to look out for any dark build-up around the edges of the vent, or even excessive dust around the air filter. While your system is supposed to somewhat self-clean itself, over time it will become too much for it to handle, and that is when you need the help of a professional to take care of the cleaning for you.

So, if you are looking for experts that can get the ducts cleaned properly, using high-grade equipment and top-notch methods, don't hesitate to call us at 888-758-1835 for more information.

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