How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home: Spring Tips

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home: Spring Tips

Springtime is here again!

While springtime is marked by beautiful sunlight and fresh breezes, it also signifies bloom time for the roses, the tulips and every other kind of flower. To enjoy some of nature's amazement that comes with the spring time, there is no better time to ensure that the quality of your indoor air is improved.

The benefit of doing this for your health cannot be overemphasized as you will rid the air of allergens, dust mites, concentrated pollen, pungent mold smell and unpleasant odor emanating from your dirty upholstery, furniture, and rugs.


What to Clean?

There's no two ways about it, to enjoy freshness of breath, you have to clean every possible object in the house that may serve as potential air pollutants during spring. Here are some of these objects:

Rugs and Carpets

These soft coverings help to adorn your floors, thus, making it beautiful. However, when they become dirty for a long time (especially rugs), they can harbor dust mites, mold, and other kinds of allergens, thus, making the air in the house unsafe and harsh. So, rugs and carpets are a must-clean for you to enjoy the best indoor air quality.

Mattresses and Furniture Upholstery

Mattresses are known to provide comfort but when they are not properly maintained in due time, can become a potent source of air pollution to your home. Upholstered furniture which also form the part of the aesthetic elements in the home can begin to serve hazardous purposes when they are not cleaned in a timely fashion.

Windowpanes and Curtains

Dust on windows and curtains has the capacity to affect the freshness of the air you breathe. So, it's important you get them cleaned.

Air Ducts and Dryer Vents

These equipment have the capacity to impair the air you breathe when you fail to clean them regularly and properly. In fact, your ducts and vents can become home to bacteria, pollen, dust mites, pests, chemical residue, and other allergens. Detecting if your air ducts and dryer vents have become contaminated requires the service of a professional. Here is where we come in!

We are the best when it comes to detecting air duct contamination and expunging them so that the air you breathe can be allergen and bacteria free. Our services are affordable and designed to give you value for your money.


These lovable animals can constitute air pollutant in your home when they are not properly groomed and cleaned up. Hence, you have to ensure that they are clean at all times too.


Keeping the Indoor Air Clean All Year Round

It shouldn't be only during spring that the quality of your indoor air should be addressed, it's a practice that should be made habitual all year round whether during winter or summer. Thus, here are some tips on how to keep the indoor air clean all year round:

  • Vacuuming.
    Periodic and regular cleaning of your rug, upholstery, and furniture is highly important. If you can't handle this by yourself, you should engage the service of a professional.
  • Clean your bedding and drapes.
    Change your bedding, curtains, duvets, and drapes on a regular basis. This goes a long way in helping you avoid the accumulation of dirt in your home.
  • Check and replace HVAC filters.
    Replacing air filters when dirty can also do a lot of good. If you are not sure if they are good or not, call a professional to check if these filters are still functional. If they are not, they should be replaced immediately.
  • Do your dishes and laundry regularly.
    Piling up dishes and dirty laundry is a bad and unhygienic habit. You shouldn't encourage this at all. So, wash dirty plates and other cookware immediately after use to avoid contamination of your air quality. Also, take your dirty laundry to a laundromat if you can't do it in your own home.
  • Control humidity rate.
    In the home, you can control the level of wetness in the air by using specialized devices. Using cooking vents in the kitchen also helps you to control the level of humidity in the home.
  • Throw food leftovers out.
    Never allow food leftovers to remain in the home. You should dispose of them appropriately. The stench that comes from rotten food is enough to damage the air quality of your home. Hence, prevent this from happening by throwing them out.
  • Check for mold and other kinds of infestation.
    Mold, rodent, and other kinds of infestation can destroy the air quality of your indoor space. Some of these infestations are subtle and hidden from plain sight at times. Get professionals to conduct a check for you.

Nothing beats enjoying the freshness of breath in your indoor space at all times. You only have to take the bull by the horn. Do the little you can to ensure the air you breathe indoors is safe through periodic and timely sanitation. Engage the service of professionals for the tasks that are overwhelming. We are readily available to heed your call for air duct cleaning and dryer vent maintenance in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, as well as in New York, California and Illinois.

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