HVAC and Air Ducts Cleaning - Why Does It Matter?

HVAC and Air Ducts Cleaning - Why Does It Matter?

There are some things you don't need to clean until you notice a problem, like when the water won't drain from the bathroom sink. The clog in the pipe didn't really matter until the sink wouldn't empty anymore. You take care of it, and life goes on.

Other things need regular maintenance, and if they don't get what they need, the consequences can be severe. Like flossing your teeth to prevent gum disease, and making sure your car has enough oil so the engine won't seize up.

Add air duct cleaning to that list.

Most of your contact with your HVAC system is when you set the thermostat. Everything else is hidden from view, but the ductwork, heating and air conditioning units work hard behind the walls and ceilings of your home or office, circulating the air that you, your family and your employees breathe each day. Shouldn't that air be the cleanest air possible?

Dustless Duct scrubs the debris from the air ducts in your home or business, removing the dust and other contaminants that initially came from your indoor air. As a part of our HVAC and air duct cleaning services, we also clean out dirt and dust from the components of your furnace or air conditioning unit that impact their energy efficiency.

Are you still wondering what is the purpose and what are the benefits of cleaning your air ducts? Improving indoor air quality and energy efficiency are only some of them.

Because Indoor Air Quality Matters

When people talk about protecting the environment, a lot of the talk is directed at air pollution and water pollution. However, indoor air can be seven times more polluted than the air outside. On average, Americans spend 90% of the day indoors. With exposure to these environmental pollutants at home, at school, and at work, it is no wonder that poor indoor air quality can really affect our health.

The inside of your air ducts can be coated with dust, dirt, pollen, dander and other allergens. These allergens in the home can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. When air ducts are free of debris, you can rest easy that when the blower turns on, the air in your home will stay just as clean as it was before. Air duct cleaning plays an important role in your overall asthma or allergy management plan.

Improve Energy Efficiency and Save Money

When your air ducts, heating unit and cooling unit haven't been cleaned in a while, dirt builds up everywhere: inside the ducts, on the filters, and on the heating and cooling units. A system in need of cleaning must work harder to push air through ductwork where debris reduces the airflow, and may need to stay on longer and come back on more frequently. A clean HVAC system works efficiently, which can save you money on your energy bills. And being smart about energy usage contributes to an eco-friendly environment.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

One of the biggest risks of air duct cleaning is that if the job is not done correctly, the indoor air could become even more polluted by the air duct debris being released into the home. Dustless Duct offers you the high standards and best practices to ensure that the only thing you're left with is clean air ducts. From meticulously sealing the vents to using a powerful vacuum system to extract the dust and dirt safely from your home, every step is taken to protect you, your family and your property from harm. Dustless Duct uses the precision methods and specialized tools that are the gold standard in our industry. We have the in-depth knowledge, expertise, and hands-on training to ensure that the job will be done correctly. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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