Keep Your Air Ducts Clean This Winter

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean This Winter

Air ducts are the conduits in your home which are used for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems (HVAC). Air ducts are one of the major components of the HVAC system and imperative to keep clean so that they work efficiently. In fact, dirty air ducts can recirculate infections and germs. Not a long time ago, the CDC reported of a Covid-19 outbreak, caused by airborne articles carried by the air conditioning.

Dirty air ducts commonly cause bad indoor air quality, becoming the breeding ground for mold and mildew, viruses, and bacteria, as well as carrying airborne allergens. There certainly are benefits to cleaning the air ducts of your home regularly for sanitization and to create a healthy environment indoors. Let's look at some benefits of having air ducts spotlessly clean at all times.


Improved Indoor Air Quality

When air is pushed through the ventilation system, allergens like mold and mildew, and all kinds of pollutants can settle on the vents and ductwork - the air filters do not always effectively catch everything.


Reduced Pollution, Promoting Better Health

The air you breathe needs to be fresh and free from contaminants. One way to accomplish this is by having the air ducts cleaned regularly. Sometimes it's hard to believe, but so many pollutants can be in the house at one time: tobacco smoke, fumes from cooking, mold, dust particles, viruses... That's why they need to be cleaned regularly to get rid of the contaminants. Otherwise, they build up and make the situation worse.


Maintained Comfortable Temperatures

Having a clogged HVAC system affects the air ducts. You will be surprised how the performance of the system is affected. As soon as air ducts are cleaned, common debris that was blocking the airflow is gone, allowing fresh air to filter through.


Reduced Running Costs

If you have been wondering how to cut down on your electric bill, here is a big saver. Regularly cleaned ducts where blockages are cleared won't need to expend more energy just to try and do their job properly. There will be a noticeable reduction in both heating and cooling costs when a system is working smoothly. A good functioning unit results in your spending less money on the maintenance that you need to extend the lifetime of a unit!


Reduced Repair Costs

Sometimes a dirty clogged system not only emits dirty air, but you will notice it won't be able to retain the desired temperatures because the engine becomes worn down trying to work harder. This just leads to greater wear and tear and to eventual failure. Basically, it's a case of bigger problems resulting in bigger costs.


What Pros Like Us Achieve

We Get a Stellar Job Done

We at Dustless Duct will bring the right cleaning supplies and tools to take care of your air duct cleaning. Watch as all the dust, allergens, grime, and dirt from your air ducts melt away. The air quality of your home will improve as well as your health.

Cleaning and Maintenance for the HVAC System Preserves Its Effectiveness

We will focus on the vents and ducts, checking over the entire HVAC system. By having us over for maintenance, costly repairs, and further maintenance is avoided in the future. We give you back spotless ducts and will also do an inspection on the compressors, the fans, and filters as well. These components are compromised quickly if they are not cleaned and maintained.

We Save You Money & Provide Additional Services

You might think it is costly initially, but over time we will save you money, time, and costs. Clean air ducts put far less strain on the HVAC and will reduce your home energy costs. Using our services gives you access to other services too such as dryer vent cleaning, professional disinfection and sanitizing, and carpet cleaning, etc. Allergy triggers are hugely reduced with these professional services.


Keep Your Air Ducts Clean With Dustless Duct Professionals

We at Dustless Duct are licensed, certified, and insured air duct cleaners with the latest methods of cleaning developed from understanding the process and therefore producing the best cleaning methods. Our indoor air quality solutions can ensure that you and your family have a clean and fresh start in the New Year.

Cool times and Hot Vibes can only happen if you keep your air ducts clean this winter. We are waiting at 888-758-1835 - after you're done with us you will be walking on air.

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