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How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Here are some great tips to clean up your air from the air quality experts at Dustless Duct:

  • Make sure that the filter on your furnace is replaced or cleaned regularly. Some filters should be replaced as often as once a month. Or consider upgrading to a reusable electrostatic filter. Electrostatic filters have a static charge that attracts smaller particles, while allowing greater air flow for better HVAC system efficiency.
  • Increase air flow by opening the window. You'll exchange outdoor air for indoor air, which is a pretty good deal since indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Moderate humidity is best for your home, between 30% and 50%. Higher humidity at home allows dust mites to flourish and mold spores to grow. If you have a humidity problem, invest in a dehumidifier.
  • Try to eliminate sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). What are VOCs? VOCs are chemicals that have a really low boiling point, and so readily enter indoor air as a vapor. Household cleaners are notorious for their VOCs, stemming largely from fragrances added to the products by the manufacturers. VOCs are also found in paint, new furniture and carpets.

    To reduce levels of VOCs in your home:

    • Choose cleaning supplies without VOCs
    • If a product's instructions say to use it with good ventilation - do it. Your health may depend on it
    • To find out what is in many common products and their effects on your health, see the Household Products Database from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

How to See What's in Your Air Ducts

Ever wondered what's in your air ducts? It's easy with a digital camera or cell phone camera with a flash. Just remove the register from a floor vent, and take a picture of the inside of the ducts.

Now, don't just go and grab your vacuum cleaner when you see what's there. You risk making your indoor air more polluted if you spread the dust around, and you can't reach every part of the air ducts with the vacuum cleaner anyway. Call Dustless Duct. We have the professional duct cleaning equipment to trap away every particle before it can reenter your home and leave your ducts without a speck of dust or debris.

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duct cleaning offer
indoor air pollution
commercial ductwork
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